“There’s no time to be scared.”
A timeless coming-of-age heist book by Sisan Fregene, available now.

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Natalie Sessegnon’s world is turned upside down when she learns of the city’s plans to move her incarcerated mother. Afraid of losing her forever, Natalie desperately tries every legal path to reverse the decision. After exhausting all options, she decides on a reckless plan - to break her out of the maximum security Avalora Penitentiary.Out-manned and outmatched, Natalie summons courage she never knew she had and pushes forward despite the risks. She’s also an aspiring author, and wants her frail mother to stay and live to read her work. Can she make her mom proud? But more importantly, can she pull off the ultimate heist before time runs out?The Author Heist is a coming-of-age story inside a fast-paced adventure. A suspense-filled tale of family, friendship and courage.This book feels like a movie. You won’t be able to stop reading once you’ve started.